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Questions about Content Sparks

What Are "Content Sparks"

Content Sparks is what we like to call the White Label Content that we provide. It gives you the sparks of inspiration you need when it comes to creating content. At the same time, it can ignite the growth of every part of your business.

Can I see a sample of your content?

Absolutely!  Just CLICK HERE to grab a sampling from our course called How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan. This is just a sample with excerpts from key parts of the course package. It does NOT include a license to edit it or use the content for your customers or readers.

What is White Label Content?

White Label Content is content that is sold to multiple people along with a license to customize and edit that content for their own purposes. When you buy a license for specific content, you have the right to put your brand on it.

We always recommend you tailor the content to your market first, and we give you many ideas for transforming the content into different media. You'll find ideas right inside each product, as well as on the Start Here page.

What is Private Label Rights Content?

You might hear the term Private Label Rights, or PLR for short, mentioned in the same context as White Label Content. PLR is quite similar to brandable, White Label Content. You purchase a PLR license and then edit, customize and transform the content for your own needs.

Every PLR and White Label Content provider has slightly different terms of use and rules for their content. Be sure to read our own Content License Rules before making any plans for your how you’ll use your content.

Questions About Using Our Content

How do you create your content?

We follow a detailed, proven process for every product we create. It starts with identifying hot topics and conducting research, moves through identifying specific learning objectives and activities, and then involves a team of dedicated content writers and graphic designers.

What’s different about your content vs. anyone else’s?

At Content Sparks, we focus on the actual results you’ll get from using our content. We apply our years of professional experience in creating training materials to the creation of content that will help your own customers achieve their goals. Every piece of content that goes into our products is carefully designed, with specific learning objectives and defined outcomes. Your customers will walk away ready to implement what they’ve learned, and in many cases they will have already seen results before they’ve finished a course or report. We also strive to help you use your content as effectively as possible. We create tutorials that guide you through different ways to use your content, and we’re here to answer your questions as you build your reputation and your business. We are dedicated to continuously improving our products, incorporating your feedback along the way. And we are fanatical about customer service!

How many copies of each product do you sell?  Is there a limit on licenses?

There is no specific limit set on the number of licenses we sell, however the majority of our customers customize and edit their content to fit their markets and their own opinions and experience. That means you’ll rarely find the exact same content on the web. That being said, you should always be adding your own voice and value to any content you use. And it isn’t about rewriting what you’ve purchased. Your added value comes in the form of your experience and insights. That’s what your customers are really looking for when they come to you. The content on the page might appear similar, but it’s you who brings it to life.

How up-to-date is your content?

Most of our content topics are evergreen, except social media (which changes regularly) and some hot topics or tutorials on software. We also check our content at least twice a year to make sure it is up to date. In some cases, we’ll add to the product to enhance it. However, it is your responsibility to check through any content you purchase before using. There’s always a possibility that we missed something, even with all our quality checks. And some software, websites or tools change from day to day.

When you update your content, do I get the updated version for free?

If we update a product and it is within a year of your purchase date, you will be entitled to a free copy, which is usually added automatically to your account. If it has been over a year, we will usually offer a big discount to previous buyers. In some cases, if we’ve done a significant expansion of the product, then we will charge an ‘upgrade’ fee for people who purchased it in the past year.

Questions about White Label Content

Why would I use content written by someone else?  Shouldn’t I be writing it myself?

You might or might not be great at writing content. Either way, you’ll save yourself hours of time when someone else does the base research, design and writing for you. We’re similar to ghostwriters, but without the expense. Just because you’re not starting from scratch with your content doesn’t mean it will sound anything less than your own. In fact, you’ll usually find that you can create something far superior because you have extra time to focus on adding value. You won’t have to waste time on the initial legwork of content creation.

What if one of my customers finds out I used your content? Doesn’t that kill my credibility?

You have two main choices when it comes to using Content Sparks content for credibility:

  1. If you are not making many edits, you may choose to say ‘Brought to you by’ on your branding, rather than saying the content was actually created by you.
  2. If you are adding a lot of your own insights, or transforming the content to another media format, don’t worry about it!

It’s your own experience and insights that bring the content to life. That’s what your customers are looking for, that’s where the true value is, and that’s where your credibility is built.

Remember, you are an expert in what you do. You are not an expert in instructional design, putting together learning materials or creating courses that get results. There is no shame in outsourcing to experts to help you with this. View Content Sparks as a valued member of your team, or a trusted supplier. 

Questions about How to Use Products from Content Sparks:

How do I decide which type of content to buy?

On our Start Here page, we recommend some questions to ask yourself to help figure out which content to pick, including looking at where you’re spending too much time now and what your customers are asking about. Take a look at that page first to get some ideas and an understanding of just what’s available for different content solutions.

What am I allowed or NOT allowed to do with my content?

Our Content Rules are outlined in detail HERE. In general, you can use the content you purchase from Content Sparks anywhere that you publish content. The main rule is that you can’t share or sell the editable files. You can NOT give other people a license to use the content in their business. You’ll also want to charge at least $27, preferably more, for training programs if you’re not getting something else in return for your content. Exceptions include workshops, seminars, webinars, training, or anything else that gives you leads and emails for your business. Now, what CAN you do?  Head over to our Start Here page, where you’ll find a big list of ideas.  You’ll find more ideas inside each product.

What does ‘Personal Use Only’ mean?

Personal Use content means that it can NOT be shared or sold. The content is for your own learning and use. Whenever you sell or share Content Sparks content (White Label Content or PLR), you must put it into a non-editable format (such as a pdf) and specify that it is only for your customers’ Personal Use.  Be clear that they can not share it with anyone or sell it.

What are all these files and folders in my download?

Some of our products have so much content in them that it can be confusing to know what you’re looking at when you download the files.  Here’s a quick description of the different folders you’ll see and what’s in them. Please note that not every product contains all these materials:

  • Student Materials – This folder contains the content you’ll give to your customers, learners or prospects. It’s what you’ll hand out in workshops, use to create self-study courses, or send as support material for webinars, list-building freebies and video training.
    Examples of student materials are Course Books, Workbooks, Reports, Infographics, Business Model Graphics, Checklists and Cheatsheets, Resource Lists, and other worksheets.
  • Instructor Materials – You are the ‘instructor’ of any training that you deliver, which means you facilitate people’s learning by guiding them through the Student Materials. The content you get in the Instructor Materials folder will help you do this.
    Examples of materials you’ll get to help deliver your content include Slides, Speaker Notes, an Implementation Guide with instructions, an Evaluation Form for getting feedback from learners, Follow-Up Emails for continuing to build a relationship with customers, Tips for Using Your Content, Top Ways to Implement Your Training, Research Sources for learning more about the topic of the course, and a mind map overview of what’s included in your product folder.
  • Lead Generation Materials – Many of our products contain some material to help you spread the word about the new content you’re offering. This will be included in the Lead Generation Materials folder. It ranges from social media post in our smaller packages to a full-blown product sales funnel in the largest ones.
    Examples of materials you’ll get for lead generation include Opt-In Reports, Slide Shows, Follow-Up Emails, Blog Posts/Articles, Social Media Posts, Infographics, Opt-In Pages with sales copy, Sales Pages with the sales copy, and Social Sharing Images.

Every product will also come with a document called Read First, which contains important information about what you can and can’t do with your content. There will also always be a document containing Tips for How to Use Your Content that steps you through a variety of suggestions for using and repurposing your customizable content. Be sure to read this for ideas that will spark your inspiration and imagination.

I’ve downloaded my new content. Now what?

In your download folder, there will be a file called Tips for Using Your Content or Instructions for Using Your Content. Read that file to get instructions on what to do first, along with ideas for things you can do with your content. For our larger Blaze courses, and a few others, you'll also see a file called Top Ways to Deliver Your Training. Take a look at that document to guide you through selecting the best way to deliver a course for your audience.

Miscellaneous Questions

What tools and resources do you recommend I use?

We recommend that same tools that we use in our own business. Just head over to our Resources page to see the ones we’re currently using and recommend.

If I sell my business, can the new owner use the content I bought from Content Sparks?

If you purchased the content license for your business, then it can be transferred to a new owner as an asset of the business. That means that you can NOT use the content yourself after you’ve transferred your business to a new owner.  If you have created any products, marketing, training or other content, it can NOT be under your own name. Otherwise, you will need to purchase an additional license for the content.

Do you have any savings plans or coupons I can use?

We periodically have special offers and coupons at different times of the year. We also tend to offer a discount when we first launch a new product. Keep an eye on your email and be careful to stay subscribed to our customer email list.  That’s where you’ll hear about the best deals we offer.

Do you ever take custom content requests?

Currently, we do not create custom content for people. However, we do take requests for specific topics or formats. If we think there will be enough interest from other customers, then we will add that topic to our product creation calendar when doing our planning. Never hesitate to send in your topic requests. We take many of our product ideas straight from our customers’ feedback!

How do I find out about upcoming content, tips and techniques

We frequently livestream about the products that are launching. We go into the content and you can ask any questions about the content, how to use it, how to customise it etc. These are friendly, informal livestreams where you will feel at ease, among like-minded course creators, coachers, and other experts. We then share the videos on Instagram and YouTube. Follow the social media page you access the most so you don't miss a thing.

Do you offer any training on how to use your content from start to finish?

Make sure you take a look at the Content in Action section of our Blog. That’s where you’ll find tips and tutorials for using our content.

You might also like our FREE Online Course Challenge where we walk you through getting your white label course online and selling in 5 days. There are both video walk-throughs and extra resources, including a community where you can ask questions and network with other course creators!

Will you customize the content for me?

We do not provide individual customization services. If you need someone else to do the editing and customization for you, there are number freelance site you can go to which have writers for hire. You can even advertise on Craig’s List for your local area. Alternatively, browse through all the training we’ve created for you. We are always adding to the Content in Action section of our Blog, and there’s a multitude of ideas there for quick ways to customize your content yourself.

Do you offer refunds?

Because our content is digitally downloaded, there is no way to ‘return’ it for a refund. However, we provide screenshots, excerpts, and even sneak peeks inside our largest products.  You should also feel free to contact us if you have any questions prior to purchasing any content. If you are unsure of the quality of our content, be sure to download the free sample we provide.

What if I have a problem with my order?  Who do I contact?

You can always open a support ticket by sending an email to this address:

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